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Title: До питання підвідомчості вирішення корпоративних спорів в Україні
Other Titles: To the issue of jurisdiction over corporate disputes in Ukraine
Authors: Боднарчук О.Г., Починок К.Б.
Bodnarchuk O.H., Pochynok K.B.
Keywords: господарські суди,
корпоративні відносини,
корпоративні спори,
підвідомчість корпоративних спорів,
недержавне судочинство в розв’язанні корпоративних спорів,
третейські суди.
commercial courts,
corporate relations,
corporate disputes,
jurisdiction of corporate disputes,
nonstate legal proceedings in resolving corporate disputes,
arbitration courts.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Приватне та публічне право.
Citation: Bodnarchuk О. Н. Tо the issue of jurisdiction over corporate disputes in Ukraine / О. Н. Bodnarchuk, К. В. Pochvnok // Приватне та публічне право. – 2018. – № 1. – Р. 40-44.
Abstract: У статті висвітлюються поняття та види корпоративних спорів. Визначено, що корпоративні спори можна поділити на такі категорії: спори, які виникають із приводу майнових корпоративних прав, та спори, які виникають із приводу організаційних корпоративних прав. Досліджено проблеми підвідомчості корпоративних спорів та шляхи їх вирішення. Акцентовано увагу на альтернативу судовому розгляду корпоративних спорів - залученні медіаторів і третейських суддів. The article covers concepts and types of corporate disputes. It has been determined that corporate disputes can be divided into the following categories: disputes arising out of property corporate rights and disputes arising out of corporate corporate rights. The problems of corporate disputes jurisdiction and ways of their solution are investigated. It has been established that the jurisdiction of any court case is determined by certain criteria. The need to apply criteria of jurisdiction is conditioned by the impossibility of establishing in the legislation an exhaustive list of corporate disputes that will be resolved by a specific court. The law establishes only general rules for bringing a dispute about a right to a particular court, as well as certain exceptions to it, which the legislator deems necessary to establish for one or another reason. In determining the jurisdiction of corporate disputes, the following criteria are important: the subjective criterion of jurisdiction lies in the fact that the subjects of corporate disputes may be participants in business associations (including those who left) the same company. But this criterion is not enough, because the range of disputes that may arise between a participant and an economic society is quite wide. Not always such disputes are corporate in nature, that is, associated with participation in a business community; the objective criterion of jurisdiction lies in the fact that the jurisdiction of commercial courts include only those disputes subject to which corporate relations. The subject criterion reflects the nature of the controversial relationship. It is inherent in all categories of cases that are considered in commercial courts. It should be noted that there are two wrays of resolving corporate disputes: judicial; out of court through mediators. The emphasis is placed on the alternative to litigation in corporate disputes involving mediators and arbitrators. In particular, EU countries have found an alternative to litigation in corporate disputes involving mediators and arbitrators. For the successful application of the mediation procedure in the system of commercial courts of Ukraine, appropriate changes should be made to the economic procedural legislation, as well as to develop a comprehensive program for the implementation of mediation and to ensure the implementation of this program. Such a settlement of disputes, firstly, will free state courts from small, lengthy cases of consideration, and secondly, legal entities and individuals will find protection of their legitimate interests in alternative ways of resolving coiporate disputes. Consequently, since corporate disputes are a kind of economic disputes, in our opinion, they must be brought to a logical conclusion regarding jurisdiction, namely, the delimitation of material corporate legal relationships from related civil, labor relations, as well as public-law disputes subject to consideration by rules The Code of Administrative Justice of Ukraine, taking into account their essential features, and not proceeding from purely formal criteria defined in the procedural law.
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