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Title: Роль статистики в економічних дослідженнях
Other Titles: The Role of Statistics in Economic Research
Authors: Шевчук О.А.
Shevchuk O.A.
Keywords: завдання дослідження, математика, прикладна статистика, статистичні методи, ризики банківської діяльності, банківська статистика
tasks of study, mathematics, applied statistics, statistical methods, risks of bank activities, banking statistics
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Статистика України
Citation: Shevchuk O.A. The Role of Statistics in Economic Research / O.A. Shevchuk // Статистика України. – 2015. – № 4 (71). – С. 11–17.
Abstract: У статті розглянуто місце і роль статистики в економічних дослідженнях. Поданий короткий огляд становлення економічної статистики та проблем, що вирішуються за її допомогою. Більш детально розглянуто застосування статистичних методів в оцінюванні ризику банківської діяльності. The article reviews the establishment of economic statistics as an economic science rather than an auxiliary mathematical tool for economic research, as it was for a long time. Attention is paid to th e applicative nature of statistical methods and indicators, which th a t allows for generating information necessary for the development of effective management decisions. References to studies of Nobel Prize laureates in Economics are given, which conclusions are based on the results obtained with use of statistical methods and approaches The tasks of economic research are summed up, which solution requires use of descriptive and analytical statistics. Applications of statistical methods in assessing risks of bank activities are discussed in detail in view of the c ritical role of the banking system in today's global economy. A large part of the study is devoted to the history of risk management which methods are based on theoretical foundations of statistics; emphasis is made on VaR method used for risk assessment in most countries, but which has not yet commonly applied in Ukraine. Statistical approaches to refine th e results of expert assessments of bank risk are proposed. Scheme and formulae for such assessment are given, which use allows for improving the validity of the ratings for both the national banking systems and individual banks.
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