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Title: Студенти Z: особливості та перспективи
Other Titles: Students Z: specifics and prospects
Authors: Подік І.І.
Podik I.I.
Keywords: теорія поколінь
цінності покоління Z
освітні системи
перспективи освіти
theory of generations
values of generation Z
education system
education prospects
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Наукові записки. Серія: Педагогічні науки
Citation: Подік І. І. Студенти Z: особливості та перспективи / І. І. Подік // Наукові записки. Серія: Педагогічні науки. – 2017. – Вип. 159. – С. 130–159.
Abstract: В статті описуються особливості сучасних студентів з точки зору Теорії поколінь. Такий підхід дозволить краще зрозуміти потреби сучасного студентства, мінімізувати ціннісні протиріччя між викладачами та студентами, оптимізувати навчальний процес.
In this article the features of modern students are described from the point of view of Generations Theory. It is found that teaching process of XXI century is characterized not only by the implementation of new methods of teaching but also by the new requirements from students. The modern youth has a series of positive and negative characteristics in comparison with previous generations. Positive student’s features Z include multitasking, responsibility, curiosity, willing to work and the ability to accumulate a big amount of knowledge. At the same time the negative traits include the deterioration of both attention and memory, “clipped” thinking, disrespect, impatience, egocentrism, social autisation. These features influence the organization of studying process and cause the necessity of developing new methods and teaching methodology in universities. Pedagogues, in particular, must have a high tempo of knowledge renovation, freely operate with informational resources and teaching technologies, taking into account the physiological and psychological features of modern students. This will allow the successful performance of the pedagogical influence for resolving of educational tasks, starting with mastering the classical knowledge, basic truths, human values, the transition to a student’s orientation on the ability to navigate in their chosen profession and determine its actual problems. The interaction of teachers and students that is built considering the psychological characteristics of generations will allow us to understand the necessities of the modern students better, minimize the value contradictions between teachers and students and optimize the teaching process.
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