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dc.contributor.authorФедчук С.І.uk_UA
dc.contributor.authorFedchuk S.I.en_EN
dc.contributor.authorЗаруба П.І.uk_UA
dc.contributor.authorZaruba P.I.en_EN
dc.identifier.citationФедчук С. І. Деякі питання дискреційних повноважень органів Державної фіскальної служби України / С. І. Федчук, П. І. Заруба // Фінансове право. Серія: фінанси, облік, оподаткування. – 2017. – C. 16–22.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractУ статті досліджено деякі теоретичні та практичні аспекти явища дискреційних повноважень органів Державної фіскальної служби України, на основі чого зроблено певні висновки та пропозиції.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe article analyzes some theoretical and practical aspects of the discretionary power of the state fiscal service of Ukraine, on the basis of which certain conclusions, generalizations and proposals are made. It is concluded that among the theorists there is no unity of understanding of the nature of discretionary powers of executive authorities in general and fiscal authorities in particular. The use of synonymous concepts such as: «discretion», «discretion», «competence» complicate the idea of the lawfulness of discretionary powers, their limits and the feasibility of application. It is proposed to allocate such discretionary powers of officials of fiscal authorities: those who give the opportunity to assess at their own discretion the legal fact and choose one of several forms of response to this fact established in the legal act; provide an opportunity for an official of the fiscal authority to choose, at his own discretion, the extent of public-legal influence on individuals and legal entities-taxpayers, its type, size, method of implementation; Authorize an official of the fiscal authority at his own discretion to determine the terms and manner of managing the decision. It is noted that the major disadvantage is the lack of a legally-defined notion of "discretionary powers Further scientific development requires the question of the ratio of discretionary powers of the fiscal authorities, as subjects of power and powers of the court to oblige such bodies to take certain actions or make certain decisions.en_EN
dc.publisherФінансове право. Серія: фінанси, облік, оподаткуванняuk_UA
dc.subjectдіяльність фіскальних органівuk_UA
dc.subjectactivity of the fiscal serviceen_EN
dc.titleДеякі питання дискреційних повноважень органів Державної фіскальної служби Україниuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeSome questions of discretional authorities of the state physical service of Ukraineen_EN
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