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Title: 1.5 Соціальна сфера в умовах економіки знань (методологічні передумови розвитку)
Other Titles: 1.5 Social science in the conditions of economics knowledge (methodological preconditions for development)
Authors: Євтушенко Г.І.
Yevtushenko H.I.
Keywords: Соціальна сфера,
економіка знань,
якість освіти,
Social science,
economics knowledge education,
quality of education,
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Agenda Publishing House United Kingdom.
Citation: Євтушенко Г. І. Соціальна сфера в умовах економіки знань (методологічні передумови розвитку) (1.5) [Електронний ресурс] / Г. І. Євтушенко // Emergence of public development: financial and legal aspects: monograph − Agenda Publishing House United Kingdom, 2019. – p.47–62.
Abstract: Розкрито деякі теоретичні, методологічні та практичні аспекти функціонування соціальної сфери; з’ясовано її соціально-економічну сутність та особливості розвитку в умовах економіки знань, звернуто увагу .на проблемах управління вищою освітою. Considers issues related to the development of the social sphere, which is one of the most pressing issues of the socio-economic development of Ukraine. These issues are considered in the context of the modern information age, within the framework of the office the economy is based on knowledge. The authors, on the basis of the formulated methodological principles for analyzing the laws governing the development of the social sphere in the context of the knowledge economy, analyze the current state of the social sphere in Ukraine. The formation of the knowledge economy leads to an increase in the role of the social sphere, whose function is the reproduction of the human factor of social production, that is, man as a carrier and generator of knowledge. Therefore, as world experience shows, in those countries in which the knowledge economy is formed, constant attention is paid to raising the educational level of the population. Accordingly, special attention should be paid to the development of the educational sector of the social sphere and, in particular, the branch of special education. In line with global trends, in Ukraine there is an increase in the number of people with higher education. However, regarding the quality level of Ukrainian higher education today there are significant problems. This requires increased attention to the problems of higher education management. The modernization of the management structure will certainly improve the image of higher education institutions, leading to an increase in the quality of education and public confidence in the educational process. Authors submit relevant statistics. Also, the toolkit of analysis of the studied area is submitted using economic and mathematical methods. The problems associated with modern processes that occur in the life of Ukrainian society, such as: decentralization of government, the creation of united territorial communities. In these conditions in economic development it is important to achieve scientifically based proportions between accumulation and consumption. The main criterion here should be the achievement of the maximum amount of social fund ensuring the satisfaction of people's needs. Along with this, there are problems arising in the development of the social sphere and, in particular, its educational component, in connection with the introduction of the latest information technologies into life, which is also an integral sign of the knowledge economy. This requires improving the quality of functioning of branches of the social sphere and transforming its sectoral structure, which should bring the development of the social sphere to the level of the requirements of the knowledge housekeeper.
ISBN: 978-2-5494-0318-5
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