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Title: Проблеми визначення поняття «територіальна громада»
Other Titles: Problems definition of "Local communities"
Authors: Мулявка Д.Г.
Muliavka D.G.
Keywords: місцеве самоврядування,
територіальна громада,
член територіальної громади,
громадянське суспільство,
адміністративно-територіальна одиниця.
local government,
local community member of the local community,
civil society,
administrative unit.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Фінансове право
Citation: Мулявка Д. Г. Проблеми визначення поняття «територіальна громада» / Д. Г. Мулявка// Фінансове право. –2015. – № 3. – С. 51 – 54.
Abstract: У статті на підставі аналізу норм національного законодавства та підходів, які існують у теоретичних джерелах, встановлено ознаки територіальної громади. Сформульовано авторське визначення поняття «територіальна громада». The concept of territorial community is relatively new and unexplored for Legal Sciences of Ukraine. However, in the western sociological research and legal doctrine local communities given serious attention, owing primarily to the functioning of the capitalist states of local government and the increasing role of local democracy in the European integration process. The events of recent months clearly showed that Ukraine has formed a civil society that is committed to making an active infl uence on all the processes that take place at the national and local levels. One of the institutions of civil society is the local community that is trying to defend its interests in political, economic, social, cultural and other spheres. However, there is a mismatch between the current level of legal awareness, needs and interests of the local community and the laws regulating its status. Legislation in this area is far behind the needs of civil society, there is a need for its improvement. The article is based on an analysis of national legislation and policies that exist in the theoretical sources defi ned signs and copyright concept formulated local community. Research has shown that the problem of legal regulation of territorial communities in Ukraine insuffi ciently investigated and requires scientifi c analysis. Formulated relevant conclusions and proposals.
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